SB-3000L automatic shell printer

SB-3000 L
The new and innovative shell printer SB-3000 L weighs only 15 kg and allows you to print up to 3000 shells in an hour in automatic or semi-automatic mode. If connected to a separate power pack it works in automatic mode. SB-3000 L can therefore respond to both amateurs’ and industrial demands. It is equipped with an operating panel that handles all printing modes and counts printed shells because it has a built-in resettable counter. The modular stamp is easy to replace when needed and can print on shells of any caliber from 12 to 36,with no need to regulate it.
The ink used is also easily replaced and is specific for use on plastic or cardboard. It dries quickly and lasts long.
This printer uses a new printing system which is CE PATENTED and CERTIFIED. This new system makes SB-3000 L the smallest automatic shell printer on the market.


  • size:400x200x350 mm
  • weight:15 kg
  • max. printing speed:3000 shells/hour
  • power supply:12Vcc
  • structure in burnished metal


  • SB-3000
  • power adaptor 220/12Vcc
  • guide for use in semi-automatic mode
  • black ink
  • press
  • modular stamp
  • instructions for correct use and maintenance